Rabbits are social animals and like to be around their people. While some bunnies are able to roam free in the home, an enclosed space near the main living area of the home may be better suited for your family.

Rabbits need daily time to visit with the family, run around, and play, but an enclosure ensures the safety of the rabbit and of your home when your bunny is unsupervised.

The basic setup includes an x-pen at least 36″ tall enclosing a minimum of 25 square feet of space. In the pen you should include a litter pan with pelletized litter, hay, water and food bowls, a soft rug or blanket, toys and chews, and a hideout with an entrance and an exit. Cardboard boxes make great hideouts, but be sure to remove any tape or labels if you notice your rabbit chewing on them.

There are many sources for these items in many price ranges. Quality and safety are the main consideration when choosing supplies for your rabbit.

Bunny Proofing

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