Adult Lionheads

UPDATE April 2023 – we are sad to report that Vixen has passed away. Comet is now a single bunny and will do best in a home with lots of attention. He would probably also do well with a new companion, although typically rabbits of similar ages should be bonded. Comet just turned eight.

Comet (male, brown) and Vixen (female, white) are eight-year old love bugs.  Before coming to New Beginnings, they lived life outside in a large enclosure.  Now they’re adjusting to the high life as indoor rabbits, enjoying soft rugs and blankets, fun cardboard boxes, and daily treats.  They are very friendly and absolutely adorable to watch.  The typical healthy rabbit life span is around ten years old.  Being over the age of six, Comet and Vixen are considered senior rabbits, but they require no special care.  They are happy and healthy and looking to live out their remaining years in comfortable companionship.

All our rescue rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter trained prior to adoption.