Happy New Beginning, AUTUMN & GIZMO!

Adult bonded female Holland Lops (will ONLY be adopted as a pair)

Va-Va-Boom! Take a look at this dynamic duo! Autumn (brown) and Gizmo (black & white) are an adorable bonded pair of Holland Lops. They were born in June 2016 and surrendered by their owner in February 2021 when she could no longer care for them. Autumn and Gizmo adore one another and love receiving pets. They are often found in the silliest sleeping positions! A&G can be very opinionated and sassy, but that’s part of their charm. We think the best home for these girls will be one with adult or teen caregivers. The typical healthy rabbit lifespan is ten years. At almost seven years old A&G are considered senior buns, but they require no special care at this time. They’re happy and healthy and looking to live out their remaining years in comfortable companionship.