Adult Unknown Mix

“With big ears, very handsome I am.”  Meet Yoda! What else could we name this cute fella?  Yoda was found in a busy Walgreen’s parking lot along Poplar Avenue.  He is really lucky to have been rescued before he was injured on the busy street.  We never know what we’ll get when we accept a bunny rescued in this manner, but in Yoda’s case, we hit the jackpot!  This boy is super sweet, easy going, and a tad bit quirky (just like the green Yoda).  He gets along great with kids and isn’t disturbed by their sometimes loud voices. He loves his stacking blocks, especially when his favorite treats (carrots and apples) are hidden inside. Yoda is a great free roam bun and we think he’ll make an excellent pet for first-time rabbit owners.  He gets along with everyone he meets and very much enjoys human company. 

All our rescue rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter trained prior to adoption.