Adult Lop Mix

Sunny was rescued from a horse farm where he was kept very improperly in a small cage and often harassed by young children.  As expected, he has trust issues.  We can’t resist his cute face even if his expression sometimes seems to say, “Back off, Jack!” We hope to change his opinion of humans with patience, kindness, and a calm atmosphere.  Sunny is territorial in his pen, but not aggressive, just grunty.  Outside his enclosure he’s much more laid back and really appreciates being held and petted.  We held him in the sun to groom his molting coat and he fell asleep in our arms, thus his name.  His coat is looking better every day with a proper diet and regular grooming, and he’s learning to accept treats from our hand.  If you have the patience and gentleness Sunny needs and you’d love to give him the life he deserves as a pampered pet, fill out an application today!

All our rescue rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter trained prior to adoption.