Adult Lionhead

Presley’s owner gave him up when their new emotional support dog didn’t get along with him. While in his xpen he may charge or grunt if you don’t give him a few “hello” pets first.  Since Presley is still working on his manners, he’ll need a patient adopter who will take the time to learn how to communicate with him. But it won’t take long, and his affection is worth the effort.  He’ll come to you for pets, and he loves to explore, run, and binky.  He is very easy to handle and enjoys spa days as long as they come with lots of pets & bunny massages. Presley’s favorite treat is strawberries. He didn’t seem to mind the dogs in his previous foster home, and he would probably do well with a calm cat friend.

All our rescue rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter trained prior to adoption.