Young New Zealand

Ruby-eyed white (REW) rabbits are often chosen as Easter bunnies, but end up in shelters when the novelty wears off.  REWs are considered the sweetest and most gentle breed of rabbit.  However, they are also the most overlooked rescue buns because of their red eyes and white coat.

This boy was found as a tiny baby in a Germantown park in by a sweet man named Paul.  We decided to name him Paul, and because he’s a REW, we call him REW Paul. But his foster calls him Paul Bun-yan because he’s a big boy who likes to eat! No matter what you call him, you need to know that Paul is SPECIAL! He’s very affectionate and he quickly bonded with his human fosters, maybe because he was so young when he came to us. He loves to sit on the top of the sofa and groom his foster’s ears, head, and face (check out the video below)! Paul is comfortable around dogs and has great litter skills.  He’s growing quickly and will most likely be a full size New Zealand with the beautiful gray nose of a Californian and a big heart for humans.  

All our rescue rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter trained prior to adoption.