Adult Lop

Cole is yet another bunny that was released into the wild to survive on his own.  The person who abandoned him may have thought that Shelby Farms was a good place for a rabbit to be “free”, but Cole was incredibly lucky he was found by a caring park ranger.  Cole was very thin when he came to us, weighing just over three pounds, so he may have been on his own for a while. Since being in foster care he’s been doing great and has put on almost two pounds.  Cole is a sweet lop who loves to explore during free-roam time. His foster describes him as a “busy toddler”.  Cole is playful and you may even get a gentle nibble on your toes if you’re lucky!  Cole is comfortable around gentle dogs and would probably do fine with cats as well.

All our rescue rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter trained prior to adoption.