Adult New Zealand Mix

Chloe isn’t your average bun. She’s a jumbo-sized ball of energy who love to toss her ball back and forth, but she can also be found laying in the sunshine napping at any hour of the day. She loves blankets and doesn’t mind making herself comfy and cozy in her human’s bed. Her litter skills are exceptional and she finds it most pleasing to have a large-sized litter pan for her 10 lbs of fluff!  

Chloe was born in the summer of 2017. She was surrendered by her owner with another beautiful bun, Doodlebug. They had lived their entire lives in a hutch outside. They seemed to prefer not be together, so they were listed as singles for adoption. Chloe was adopted a while back, but after having her for almost a year, the family abandoned her at a boarding facility.  They just never came to pick her up, claiming they wanted her to be rehomed because of a family member’s allergies.   New Beginnings was notified and we brought Chloe back into our loving care.  Her previous adopter fed her too many snacks and she’s currently on the road to a healthy weight. Chloe is a mature, gentle, relaxed bun who is great with children and has zero bad habits. This good girl deserves a REAL forever home and to never worry about losing her family again. If you’re prepare to love this wonderful bun forever, please consider adopting her.

All our rescue rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter trained prior to adoption.