Young New Zealand

Ruby-eyed white (REW) rabbits are often chosen as Easter bunnies, but end up in shelters when the novelty wears off.  REWs are considered the sweetest and most gentle breed of rabbit.  However, they are also the most overlooked rescue buns because of their red eyes and white coat.

Chester was found in an apartment complex in Collierville, TN in June 2021.  Most likely an Easter bunny “set free”, he was finally captured after life on the run for several days. Severely dehydrated and very dirty, he was taken in by the complex manager and nursed back to health.  

Now look at this beautiful boy!  He has the most enchanting pink eyes.  True to his New Zealand breed traits, Chester is very sweet, gentle, and outgoing.  He does the cutest little “happy hop” when he sees his foster in the mornings (check out the videos below)!  He prefers to be out of his pen and his litter skills are impeccable, making him a great free-roam bunny.  Chester is a good eater and his favorite treat is baby carrots. He may even steal them from you if you aren’t watching! Chester will make any family a wonderful companion pet.

All our rescue rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter trained prior to adoption.