Adult Unknown Mix

Bindi was a stray found thin and scared Bartlett, having every right to be sour on life. Because she was hungry and left to fend for herself, she is VERY serious about her eating schedule and doesn’t like you to be late. Bindi loves pets and attention but will often grunt and act like she does not. Although she’s a little hard to read, she’s getting used to being treated well and she’s learning to trust the humans around her. Bindi will do best with someone who has the patience to learn and respect her quirks. She’s happiest outside her enclosure where she can roam and explore. You may even catch her doing a binky! This smart girl loves enrichment toys and puzzles. She does not mind calm dogs, but the vacuum is scary. She will sit with you as long as you’re petting her or feeding her treats, especially pieces of peeled apple.

All our rescue rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter trained prior to adoption.