Bambi & Mr. Peabody

Adult bonded pair, must be adopted together.

Mr. Peabody and his sweetie, Bambi, are looking for a home where they can continue to be spoiled with lots of room to roam.  This bonded pair are well-loved by their owner who adopted both from us and bonded them very quickly.  Unfortunately, the owner is suffering terribly from allergies and must find another home for her beloved pets.  They have been living in the teen daughter’s bedroom, completely free roam, with lots of toys and hideouts.  When their names are called, they come running and will perform tricks for treats (check out the video below).   They like to sleep in the human bed at night and adore attention, but don’t love being picked up (like most rabbits).

Bambi is mostly brown with a white chest and a sliver of white on her head. This super affectionate girl was dumped at the entrance to a sub-division in Mississippi.  After a few days of trying to catch her, Bambi was finally scooped up. Bambi loves Timothy-hay cubes, toys made of hay, and dandelion greens. She’s a professional flopper and a joy to watch.

Mr. Peabody has a brown rump and is mostly white on his front half. This Southern gentleman came to us as a COVID casualty when his owner had to change living arrangements and could no longer accommodate a rabbit. Mr. Peabody is very friendly. He enjoys strawberries and he’s great with cats.

All our rescue rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter trained prior to adoption.